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Why Dorset and her surrounding counties

For anyone unfamiliar with Dorset, it is in the West country, 2 hours from London. As you speed out of the city, you follow the often staggering sunset, and it leads to one of England's most special areas. There are beautiful rolling hills, unspoilt ancient Jurassic beaches full of fossils and treasure, an undeniable sense of peace and most importantly- extremely welcoming people.

It is stuffed in every corner, of every village, with people who are here and are longing to welcome you. It attracts people to Stonehenge and on to Glastonbury, where there are ancient stones and wells which are believed to having healing properties- it certainly has an extraordinary and calming atmosphere . There is a real sense of community in the villages, we have witnessed this over the last 2 years in particular during covid related lockdowns and communities united in helping those who found lockdowns difficult for different reasons.There is a willingness to help those in their hour of need, and a recognition that everything and everyone is connected.

We cannot wait to welcome you, we are the fortunate ones whose lives will be so enriched by having you with us. Everywhere you look-be it land, sea or sky, warmth and love will be there for you.

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Heading West:


Poppy, i absolutely love your description of Dorset- I really hope people find their way to your area. I agree with all you say, there will be so much welcoming comfort and support offered.

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