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Ukraine Dorset has a 'freeshop'.

We've collected together lots of things, for new arrivals from Ukraine, to come and help themselves to.

There is no charge for anything, all has been gifted by people in the local area who would like to give welcoming help.

There are lots of clothes, for children, young people and adults, everything from plain jeans and t-shirts to unicorn pyjamas! We have sports clothes, games, teddies, toiletries and plenty of bed linen and towels. There are jackets and coats, shoes, bags and belts.

We can arrange lifts for anyone to come and have a look around and take what they'd like.

Help yourself to coffee, we have space for children to play and a notice board for leaving messages, offers and requests. We hope that the freeshop could become a place to meet up and have a look at what's on offer together.

Opening hours can be anytime you like, the location is at The Manor House, Poyntington, DTN 4LF, or, using what3words ///shorthand.wonderful.winds

Drop us a text to let us know if you'd like to come -Lucy 07730925817, Veronica 07940464711 or Eyzie 07771725036 and we can make sure there's someone to welcome you and show you around.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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