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Semley Summer Camp

Thanks to Wendy, her daughter Clementine and her friends who came to help out, last week's children's summer camp proved a roaring success. The lovely Ukrainian families who attended embraced the week's activities with gusto, which included yoga for mothers and lots of chatting, whilst their children modelled clay, painted t-shirts, made Zines ( little books) and worked on a huge collaborative drawing with charcoal and pastels taped onto long sticks. After lunch, there were pony rides, tennis and games around the garden before going up to the woods for flower headdresses making, den building and nature trails. Finally tea was served, which included delicious cakes and toasted marshmallows round the bonfire while whittling sticks.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the week such a success, not least for all your incredibly generous donations. With the left over funds, there are plans to run additional art workshops on the occasional Saturday morning, which many are keen to attend, as well as the possibility of an outdoor film screening in October. We will be updating the Just Giving page to reflect that this is likely not to be a one-off initiative as well as to keep everyone informed about new get-togethers in the pipeline. Thanks to everyone involved, it feels as if there is a real feeling of community spirit developing in our area.

More pictures of the week to follow. I will add as and when I receive them!

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