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Volunteers around Dorset and surrounding counties

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Ukraine Dorset was originally set up to help with emergency supplies to help those on the front line in Poland and Ukraine. Since then we’ve moved to creating a forum to facilitate the matching of families to available accommodation offered in our area. Now, as well as this, we want to support new arrivals in any way we can, If offering accommodation is something that you’re not able to do but you long to be able to help (that’s me!) then please do join us and have a look at the list below to see if you could assist. register (top right of menu bar) and post on the forum here - or get in touch directly by email to me, Lucy ( ) All other suggestions for help welcome! Help with teaching English: for adults or children Driving: Airport collection, shopping trips, lifts of all kinds, helping families in different villages meet up. Batch cooking: Providing meals for households accepting new arrivals. Welcome baskets: Collecting things for ‘welcome boxes' or hampers - necessaries for families. Perhaps you are a local retailer or cafe, could you donate coffee? soap? biscuits? vouchers? to go in a start up welcoming gift. Hosting: Get-togethers of families - picnics, walks, a weekly art group/toddler group? Sports, playground meet-ups, dog walks…. any village halls available? Vouchers: Know anyone who could donate hairdressing or salon vouchers? a gym membership? kids judo classes? swimming lessons? Donations: Donations to the ‘free shop’ at Poyntington. Clothes of all kinds, toiletries, bedding, toys. Do you have a spare bicycle? mini fridge? stroller? Seeker: There will be a pinboard at the free shop, we hope the arrivals will pin up a notice and ask for what they might need. anyone enjoy the challenge of seeking items out? Employment: Any jobs that you’ve heard of or could offer, that might be suitable? Tech and Form help: Schools, pet quarantines, benefits, doctor’s lists, translation and explaining complicated systems? we look forward to hearing from you! Lucy
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Eyzie Potts
Eyzie Potts
10 avr. 2022

Thanks Luce so much for this post X

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